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Analytical instruments with the ability to be inserted or retracted while under process conditions. In situ vision analysis system can be inserted or retracted during online process conditions. Process analysis / control or Process Analytical Technology (PAT) applications.

The EnviroCam vision analysis system provides in process monitoring and analysis. Offering much more capability than a borescope or endoscope the EnviroCam can now be inserted and retracted while online and in the presence of normal process operating conditions.

Biotechnology Applications Include: Bioreactor characterization. Bubble, particulate and pellet analysis. Scale up Kla support. First order input of many kinds to process control systems. PAT applications. Petrochemical Applications Include: Corrosion analysis, Erosion analysis, Hydrates in crude oil observation, Particulate analysis in single and multiphase applications.

Oil / gas / particulate in water analysis. Water / gas / particulate in oil applications. PAT applications. The EnviroCam provides automatic or manual articulation with 4 independent planes of motion for use in units of various sizes. The EnviroCam also provides full orbital articulation through a small opening in process pipes or vessels. An Air Knife or Wiper provides lens clearing when necessary. This EnviroCam provides observation, analysis, and feedback directly to an engineer or distributed control system. This first order in situ vision analysis instrument feedback has never before been available and facilitates an infinite number of Process Control, and Process Analytical Technology (PAT) applications.

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